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Temperature Monitoring System Long Doggers Post Road

Posted by Mike Izzo on Feb 15th 2017

Ok this is the condiment cooler at post road over a period of time, i was not happy with this at all, why because the temps as you can see were getting as high as 50 for a period of an hour. Temps would come back down, but you can clearly see the pattern. And nobody noticed this was happening.

You can see below here on Feb 10 the unit went down completely, i noticed this and went into the store to find out what was going on. Come to find out Richard plugged in the rice cooker to the same outlet, the GFI tripped

Getting back to the other problem, i changed the Tstat, that did not change anything so i investigated more and found that the evaporator fan cuts off with tstat, no air flow. So the evaporator stays cold the box does not, that is why it take so long for the unit to cut back on. True did this for a little while to there units, STUPID!! So i rewired the box and take a look at the chart now below. This is what it is supposed to look like below

The system works!! 

Below is what i see online, i can see history, charts, signal, battery life and history charts.

Below is what i can see on my phone live 24 seven.

These are the sensors,  i have 4 of the AA

MNS-9-W2-TS-ST-L03 sensors, i can also have these come in direct wire to 120v the unit so never have to worry about changing a battery

Have two of these, only one installed at the moment. 

Ethernet Gateway