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OVEN ELEMENT, [ 240V 10500W 1-3PH ] [ 26-1/4" X 16-1/2" X 9"H ] [TERMINALS {FLAG } HOBART OVEN CN90A, CN90B, CN90C, CN91, CN91B, CN92C, CN95. VULCAN OVEN ECO4S. OEM Names OEM # VULCAN HART 00-342170-00002 GE/HOBART XNC12X126/342170-2 HOBART 00-342170-00002 HOBART 142170-2 HOBART 342170-00002 HOBART 342170-2 VULCAN HART 142170-2 VULCAN HART 342170-00002 VULCAN HART 342170-2

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